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Macros & Fat

This post is about Macros, and FAT. I know I'm not supposed to pick favourites, but I LOVE fat. You don't need to be keto to enjoy a diet rich in delicious fatty foods. Read on to discover a bit more about fat, please enjoy my video below, and for any who need it I have also posted a transcript of the video.


When people talk about macros (in regards to diet) they are talking about the large food groups that make up everything you eat.

Today we are talking about FAT.


30-35% of the calories in your diet should come from fat. It helps you stay fuller longer, makes your food feel more delicious and satisfying and it performs many functions in your body:

Benefits of Fat:

  1. Regulate immune system

  2. Reduce inflammation

  3. Optimize brain function

  4. Helps with vitamin absorption

  5. Improves skin health

  6. You need it to build hormones

  7. Helps keep your bones strong

  8. Can be protective against certain cancers

  9. SO many more!

There will be follow up posts about the other macros, and we will also go into further detail on fats next month! Subscribe if you wish to be notified about blog post topics so you can come back and learn more about what you are interested in!

Macros & Fat

0:01 Hi, Dr. Kathryn King here.

0:03 And today, and over the next couple of days, I would like to talk to you about macros.

0:10 So macros just mean large.

0:12 So when people are talking about macros in the dietary world, they’re talking about the large subgroups that your diet can be divided up into.

0:22 So like, micro means small and macro means large.

0:25 So, the main categories are fat, protein, and carbohydrates.

0:32 But carbohydrates can sometimes have like a little offshoot of fiber depending on what you’re looking at and what you’re trying to track.

0:41 So today, I would like to talk to you about fat.

0:45 So this is my favorite macro.

0:49 And you know what, it’s what that really gets demonized.

0:52 And I think people who are about my age and a little bit older, we’re unfortunately raised to think that fat is bad and that it’s the devil and it causes high cholesterol and it does all these things and it’ll kill you.

1:06 But you know what, we need fat, okay?

1:08 So cholesterol is not evil.

1:11 Cholesterol is what your body uses to turn into your hormones.

1:15 And your hormones are what your body uses to communicate every single process that’s going on in your body.

1:22 So we need fat.

1:24 We need hormones.

1:26 And yes, sure, there are some kind of better fat choices than other, but I like all fat.

1:34 This is something where I like a balance, okay?

1:38 So good fats are your Omega-3 fats.

1:41 And they’re good because they’re a little softer – is kind of the idea.

1:47 So good fats, Omega-3 fats are things from fish, Okay?

1:53 So fish and olive oil and avocados.

2:00 These are quite high in Omega-3s, and then it got Omega-6s and Omega-9s.

2:00 They’re Omegas as well.

2:06 These are also pretty good.

2:08 You’re looking at other fruit fats.

2:12 But honestly, I like fish, avocado, coconut, and olive.

2:17 These are my favorite fats.

2:19 But I won’t turn my nose up at a juicy steak, okay?

2:23 Getting a little bit animal fat here and there, it is not bad for you, okay?

2:28 If you only eat animal fats like these are...

2:36 What are they called? Carnivores.

2:39 It does seem to be that their cholesterol panels are going up after some time.

2:44 So, you can’t focus completely on that.

2:47 But getting a whole bunch of fats in your life is not a bad thing.

2:51 So if you are looking at the calories from fat, keep in mind that fatty foods are more dense calorically.

2:59 So if someone tells you that a certain percentage of your diet should be fat, so in my mind, anything around 30 is fine – 25, 30, 35, something like that.

3:11 This is not like a percentage of your plate, okay?

3:14 This is a percentage of the calories.

3:15 And I think this is where people get a little mixed up.

3:18 Because you’re gonna get from a nice fatty little piece of sausage in 100 grams, like 400 calories, okay?

3:26 So that’s a small amount of sausage with a lot of calories.

3:30 So just keep this in mind when you are building out your meals.

3:35 Honestly, if you are starting to track your macros and pay attention, I suggest ordering a $20 scale off Amazon and using some sort of app on your phone to track for a few weeks just to kind of get an idea what balanced meals look like, how many calories are in them, and what do the macros add up to.

3:54 So this, today, we’re talking about fat.

3:57 Comeback, and next time we will talk about protein.

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