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Macros & Carbs

Our last installment in our introduction to macros!

Carbohydrates (insert scary ooOoooOooo noises)

Just as fat was demonized for my older friends, carbs have been the perceived enemy of my younger friends. BUT, carbs can be wonderful!! And I do have a favourite subcategory of carb (obvi) and that's fibre! Today I start talking a bit about both - but I think next month I want to do Another little dive into fibre for y'all

The good carbs are more complex:

Foods that are high in fibre "burn" slower. They give you fuel and don't spike your blood sugar the same way that low fibre carbs do.

Examples of good carbs:

  1. Fruit

  2. Vegetables

  3. Root Veggies

  4. Beans and legumes

  5. Brown Rice

  6. Quinoa

  7. Oats

​​I would like to do a whole video on fibre next month! If you would like to be notified what my weekly post will be about, subscribe here! You know you want to!

Macros & Carbs

0:14 Dr. Kathryn King here.

0:16 And we are rounding out our discussion on macros.

0:20 So today, we will talk about the final category.

0:23 And actually, it’s kind of two categories in one, because we’re talking about carbohydrates, and built into that category is fiber.

0:30 So, carbohydrates have been demonized lately in the past.

0:36 Well, I think the past like 20 years, but really a lot in the past five years.

0:41 They are not bad.

0:42 Carbohydrates are not inherently bad.

0:44 I obviously believe sugar is bad.

0:47 And I think added sugar is bad.

0:49 These are things that make carbohydrates have a higher glycemic load and a higher glycemic index.

0:56 So this is shooting your blood sugar up, high, high, high, fast, fast, fast.

1:01 When something is really raising your blood sugar from either having had an added sugars put into it, like a soda, yes, this is not a good carb, okay?

1:11 But a sweet potato is fine.

1:17 There are good carbs and bad carbs.

1:20 So we’re looking for more slow burning carbs.

1:22 We’re looking for things that don’t have added sugar to them.

1:25 Just straight up fruits, vegetables, nuts, all of these things are in the carbohydrate category of macros, but they are not bad, all right?

1:36 So I think it’s fairly common sense to avoid the ones that are straight like candy and sugar, sodas and chocolate bars.

1:48 I mean, a little bit of chocolate now and then fine, but chocolate bars and calling them the meal is not sensible.

1:57 So carbs themselves are not bad.

1:59 They are fruits, vegetables, nuts.

2:01 And what will make them even better is if they’re higher fiber, okay?

2:06 So women, it is recommended that we get a minimum of 25 grams a day of fiber, but research has shown that we need way more, like 50, okay?

2:16 Fiber is great.

2:17 It keeps you full and longer.

2:18 It helps with your digestive health.

2:22 It feeds you the probiotics that we’re eating and we want them to be happy, because they make us happy, so we have to give them something to eat.

2:31 Fiber is great!

2:32 So eating your carbohydrates with making sure they’re high in fiber, this is two birds with one stone.

2:39 You will be happy, you will be full, and aim for more.

2:43 Yeah, just fruits, vegetables, nuts.

2:45 So some of the highest fiber foods out there: broccoli.

2:50 I think a cup of broccoli has about 5 grams of fiber in it.

2:53 You know, apple is really great.

2:57 Berries, raspberries have so much fiber.

2:59 Blueberries too.

3:01 Nuts, avocados have a lot of fiber.

3:06 Chia seeds, hemp hearts, all of these things.

3:08 Honestly, I have a recipe that you can get off my website.

3:15 And it is my breakfast recipe.

3:20 My overnight oats are… We commonly just call it breakfast sludge.

3:24 So it’s all fiber you need in a whole day, pretty much.

3:29 I think there’s about 20 grams of fiber or 25 grams of fiber.

3:32 After that, It’s just bonus.

3:33 You eat an apple, you have a bit of vegetables, and you’re golden.

3:36 So hitting your fiber targets are very important, including good, healthy, slow, burning carbs in your diet will help with cardiovascular health, digestive health, energy.

3:48 You won’t have those straight up sugar rushes and crashes.

3:55 We want steady happy blood sugar all-day and carbohydrates with a lot of fiber.

4:01 That’s the way to do it.

4:02 So please eat your carbs.

4:06 Pick good ones.

4:07 And yeah, why don’t you put some nice fiber filled recipes in the comments below, so that we can all start getting some better carbs into us today.

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